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MySQL Cluster Data Node restart times

Restarts are required for certain, infrequent maintenance activities. Note that there is no loss of service while a single node restarts.

When a data node restarts, it first attempts to load the data into memory from the local log files and then it will catch up with any subsequent changes by retrieveing them from the surviving node(s) in its node group.

 Based on this, you would expect the time taken to restart a data node to be influenced by:

  1. The amount of data that was stored on the data node before the restart
  2. Rate of updates being made to the data during the restart
  3. Network performance (assuming the data is being updated during recovery)

The times will also be influenced bycertain configuration parameters, performance of the host machine and whether the multi-threaded data node (ndbmtd) is being used.

To provide some insight into how these …

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New MySQL Cluster maintenance release: 7.0.6

MySQL Cluster version 7.0.6 has been released. MySQL Cluster 7.0.6 is available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages.

The release in source form can in addition be downloaded from the MySQL FTP server.

MySQL Cluster version 7.0.6 is using MySQL Server version 5.1.34 and contains all bug fixes and changes that MySQL Server 5.1.33 and 5.1.34 contain.
Following changes were made in MySQL Cluster 7.0.6 since the previous release 7.0.5:

Functionality added or changed:

  • Important Note: It is …
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Upcoming webinar: MySQL Cluster: Architectural Deep Dive

Tomas Ulin - Director MySQL Engineering

This could be your last chance to listen to and quiz Tomas Ulin on his detailed MySQL Cluster knowledge as he has recently moved from being the Cluster Engineering Director to looking after engineering for MySQL Server. Tomas was in charge for the vast majority of the 7.0 development cycle (and many releases before that) and maintained a very detailed knowledge of the technology – including writing some of the code.

Mat Keep will represent the product management team with some introductory material.

I will also be on hand for the Q&A.

The webinar (as always) is free and starts at 16:30 UTC (other timezones listed below) and you can register here. …

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