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EMT Tutorial – Installation

EMT is a monitoring tool that I’ve been developing over the past few years. It’s goal is to serve as a hub for performance metrics on a single server. I’ve tried to talk about what EMT is before but I’m not a very good writer so I thought it would be best to just show people. This tutorial is going to be a quick overview of installing EMT from the rpm and a basic tutorial of it’s usage. Some of this is covered in the manual and some has changed in newer released.

The easiest way to install EMT is to grab the latest rpm from the Google Code downloads page. After installing the rpm you will see a notice about correcting some details in the default view.

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EMT SVN now on Google code

Jeremy moved the emt svn repository to google code last night. This gives it better integration with the issues tracker, google’s kick ass source browser and gives me the ability to add more commit rights without giving people accounts on servers. Check out the new source tab. Especially the part that lists the field objects. EMT ships without about 100 metrics not counting dynamic sub fields including checks for mysql, apache, memcache, per process memory, network, and other system stats.

Percona Performance Conference EMT Presentation Slides

I sat down about 20 minutes ago to write a blog post that included a link to the slides of my EMT presentation. It turned into a long post about the presentation, how I feel EMT was received and my feelings on presentations in general. Here is the short post and the link to the slides.

The MySQL conference always inspires me to write so expect a longer post in a few days.

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