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Introducing the MySQL Cluster patch(es)

The current release of MySQL Cluster 7.0 is based on MySQL Server 5.1.34, normally we update the MySQL Server version as soon as a new one has been released. That is an almost automated process since it's just another branch in bazaar - ie "bzr pull", resolve any conflicts and commit.

The cluster team mainly work with the files in storage/ndb/ where the source for ndbd, ndb_mgmd and all the ndb_* tools for working with MySQL Cluster is kept. We have also produced improvements to the MySQL Server itself. While most of them have been merged back up - either to 5.1 or 6.0 - some hasn't. This means that when someone touch an are that has been improved we get a few conflicts when merging down the latest MySQL Server version. Fortunately that is quite rare now when 5.1 is GA.

Some of the improvements are generic and simply improves MySQL Server's portability, while some are specific and useful only for ha_ndbcluster(the MySQL …

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