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MySQL conference ‘09 Keynote: “State of the Dolphin” by Karen Padir

Here is a semi-liveblog from the opening keynote of the 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo on April 21st in Santa Clara, California. Karen Padir presents “State of the Dolphin”.

The room is big, with 2 screens on each side of the central stage. It seems to be completely filling up, but I got a good spot on the second row in the front. Directly around me I see Dups, Sheeri, Giuseppe, Kai, Mark Callaghan and many other faces I know, even they don’t necessarily know me

Opening music, fancy animations. Quotes from satisfied customers, combined with tribal-style music and statistics.

Colin Charles kicks off. Good morning, welcome. learn a lot, provide feedback. Thanking sponsors in the first minute..

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