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Larry Ellison to Announce OLTP Database Machine on… Sun Hardware

In line with my prediction from few days ago, Larry Ellison is announcing the new Database Machine — the new version is targeting OLTP workloads and is based on Sun hardware.

Looks like I just got the date wrong. Oh well, now is the announcement, hype and demo is at the Oracle Open World and shipments are to start upon Oracle-Sun acquisition completion.

So what’s new in Exadata that I …

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“Guide to Deploying Carrier Grade Services Using Open Source Technologies” - New White Paper Released

A new white paper has just been released on at

Open Source Carrier Grade hardware and software stack


Open source technologies and commodity, carrier-grade hardware can combine to create a highly available, scalable and responsive infrastructure to deploy next-generation communications services. This paper examines a solution stack based on integrating Sun GlassFish Communications Server, MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database, the OpenSolaris operating system, Sun Netra ATCA blades and Sun open storage products into a carrier-grade solution for converged services …

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