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Maintaining (and Building) your MySQL Source Tree on Windows

I just have one last post to round out my series on building MySQL and MariaDB on Windows.

Before, I showed how to obtain the latest source tree and build it. In this one, I simply want to show how easy it is to continue off of that.

So it’s been a week or so, and now you want the latest fixes:

  1. cd C:\mysql-5.5\mysql-5.5
  2. bzr pull
  3. cmake . -DBUILD_CONFIG=mysql_release
  4. VS: File -> Open -> Solution -> MySql.sln
  5. VS: Build -> Build Solution
  6. VS: Right-click “PACKAGE” -> Build (in “Solution Explorer” View)

Simple as that.

Your “no-install” package will be located at:


Full Outputs for Reference:

C:\Users\Chris>cd …
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A quick test with MySQL 5.4

Louis I
Louis II
Louis III
Louis IV
Louis V
Louis VI
Louis VII
Louis VIII
Louis IX
Louis X (dit le Hutin) (the Quarrelsome)
Louis XI
Louis XII
Louis XIII
Louis XIV
Louis XV
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Forgive me, I am back... with 20% more performance on Solaris 10...

Yes, it's been a long time. Week after week, I had ideas I wanted to share, but no time at all to blog. Priorities are clear: family and work come first, and it's very difficult to keep a balance between the two.

So I left a lot behind. The major project I worked on last summer, MySQL in a virtualised environment and with multiple instances on larger boxes, was part of the material we presented at the MySQL Customer Conference back in October. The results were pretty good and we showed a good level of scalability for real life applications, well beyond the typical sysbench results you can find by googling a bit here and there. I will blog about it at some point, it's just that it takes a lot of time to reorganise all the material to publish and make it understandable.

This week the topic is slightly different. We did it again, we dug into the art of building MySQL binaries and we did it on Solaris 10 for SPARC …

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