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5 Ways to Boost MySQL Scalability

There are a lot of scalability challenges we see with clients over and over. The list could easily include 20, 50 or even 100 items, but we shortened it down to the biggest five issues we see.

1. Tune those queries

By far the biggest bang for your buck is query optimization. Queries can be functionally correct and meet business requirements without being stress tested for high traffic and high load. This is why we often see clients with growing pains, and scalability challenges as their site becomes more popular. This also makes sense. It wouldn't necessarily be a good use of time to tune a query for some page off in a remote corner of your site, that didn't receive real-world traffic. So some amount of reactive tuning is common and appropriate.

Enable the slow query log and watch it. Use …

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How to Move Your Web Server With No Downtime

How do you move your web servers to another location with no downtime?
The answer: the magic of MySQL Master-Master Replication
So, we are in the process of moving our web servers to another location. As usual, we would prefer to move them without anyone really noticing. What we have done is set up a skeleton of web servers in the new location as well as one database server.
Now the trick is, to move without anyone knowing it AND that everything else continues working. In this example, the original location has servers that query the database if there are any new orders and process them. So it is important to keep all the parts of the system running by continually updating the database in the original location. …

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