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my first benchmark for a while

In anticipation of getting my sunfire , and doing some real benchamrks with it, I thought I’d do a quick, test to see if I can still do them..kind of like a warm up excerise before you do a 1500m swim.

So I grabbed 2 idle machines I have access too, and see how mysql 5.1 performed on both.

I took Brian’s mysqlslap tool and gave it a little whirl.

the 3 boxes I had in my aresenal are

  • dual x86-64 @2.4G with 8G of ram


  • 280R with 2 Ultrasparc III+ processors and 4G of ram.

and my new macbook

  • a Intel Dual processor shiny thing

now in their time, both of these boxes were considered pretty sweet. (the 280R was purchased in 2002 I think, and for financial people just nearing the end of it’s lifecycle so you will still …

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