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Starting a new job!

I’ve had a wild ride over the past ~4.5 years, starting with MySQL AB as a “Support Engineer”, and working through to “Senior Support Engineer”, and then “Regional Support Manager, Americas” with the MySQL Support Team - truly one of the best product support teams I’ve ever known in the IT industry, even if I am biased.

I’ve always had a passion for helping people, which is why I think I did “OK” in Support. However I’ve always also had a second passion which has been bubbling away for me too - building solutions for diagnosing database issues. I started in the database world in the Oracle market, working on monitoring and management tools. MySQL “poached” me from there whilst I was building a MySQL monitoring module for the cross database monitoring tool that we had, as well as working in a supporting/consulting role for our customers.

Given my background when I joined, I was an obvious person to be …

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