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Testing ‘Cover it Live’ for liveblogging

I was looking for some info on liveblogging art this am because I never did a similar activity and was wondering if I am able to do it in the next confs I’m gonna taking.

Liveblogging means taking notes about a conference session you are listening and share the main concepts of the talk with people who are not present in the room.

I’ve found some tips on how to start a successful liveblogging session and tested a cool platform:

You know, liveblogging at a conference is very important for people who can’t attend it. It helps, among with pics and videos, to smell the great atmosphere you can breathe in a community event.

I think things are evolving well from this side.

If I am not mistaken, the most easy way to liveblogging is to create a short blog post during the speech and publish it at the conclusion of the …

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