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Monolith DBA Toolkit 0.4.3 Released

The Monolith Toolkit of scripts for DBA routines. 0.4.3 has been released. You can download it here:

Some information on the toolkit and what it contains:

  • mt-backup-parallel -> runs mysql backups in parallel super fast, has lots of reporting features
  • mt-check-replication -> script to report on replication status for slave servers
  • mt-rhcluster-check-filesystems -> reports on redhat cluster filesystems (for mysql active/passive clustering)
  • mt-rhcluster-script-wrapper -> wrapper script for running any of these scripts on a redhat cluster, chooses the active node to run the script on
  • mt-connections-log -> logs connections to mysql to disk, reports on threshold overages
  • mt-flush-tables-sequence -> runs through schema.tables to flush in …
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