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15 years of PHP

Wow, 15 years ago, on June 8th 1995, Rasmus announced PHP 1.0. Time for a personal look back:

I can't remember when I first went online. Out from the local BBS systems into the wide open net. It must have been around the same time. But soon I figured out that I needed my own homepage, so I created one, using black fonts on a green (#00ff00) background. I was proud. The only issue: I had no idea how to make it accessible to others, I had the HTML file local on the PC, but well, I still was proud. I was proud since the effect of this HTML with a little bit of JavaScript was way stronger than most of my BASIC stuff I did before.

A bit later, in 1998, a cousin brought a magazine about writing Perl CGI applications which caught my attention so I started learning about CGI and Perl and all the …

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Happy Birthday to Wonderful Community Organizers!

Happy birthday to Giuseppe Maxia, a wonderful community organizer for MySQL.

And happy birthday to Leslie Hawthorn, Google’s geek herder.

Thank you for making life better for open source volunteers like me!

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