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Partition by column_list ready for alpha testers

I got time to spend on a really old worklog I completed coding
already october 2005. I blogged about it in July 2006 and
interestingly enough it's still the second most read blog
entry on my blog (probably related to search engines in some

I have merged it with the azalea tree (this is an internal code
name for our development tree, name is likely to change). This
tree contains subquery optimisations, Batched join and some more

I have fixed a whole bunch of bugs that always shows up in early
code. The code quality is still alpha but at least you won't find
10 bugs per hour :)

you can find the launch pad tree for this code.

There are two important additions made possible by this tree. …

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CACHE INDEX per partition for MyISAM

The newest development in the partitioning code
is WL#4571.

This new feature makes it possible to tie a
partition using MyISAM to a specific cache index.
The syntax for how to do is available in the
above worklog entry.

We found this feature to be useful for enabling
higher performance of parallel ALTER TABLE
(WL#2550). When adding
a primary key to a MyISAM table the key cache in
MyISAM limited scalability of Parallel ALTER TABLE
severely, so adding several key caches, essentially
one per partition we can ensure that the ALTER TABLE
can be fully parallelised (all other ALTER TABLE
on MyISAM already scales perfectly).

We also have some ideas on how to solve the base

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New launchpad tree for PARTITION BY RANGE COLUMN_LIST(a,b)

A colleague of mine at Sun/MySQL showed me how to get
statistics from my blog. This was an interesting read
of all statistics. I noted that there was a great
interest in partitioning related information and that
the new partitioning feature mentioned in my blog
2 years ago still attracts a lot of attention.

So I thought it was a good idea to blog a bit more
about what's going on in the partitioning
development. I decided to check out how easy it is
to externalize my development trees on launchpad.
It turned out to be really easy so I simply
put up the development tree for the new partitioning
feature which I described in my last blog.

Launchpad tree

I also externalized the Worklog entry for this
development, unfortunately not a …

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