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Review of AssemblySys dataServices

On a large data migration project that I am currently spearheading, we have a large installed userbase of over 2 million users running on a social networking engine. The schema has been redesigned from scratch, and code is being written to match the new schema, using the all-powerful MySQL database as the system to manage all that data.

Since this social network is global, we need good and reliable location information. The current location model is flawed and full of holes, so we have chosen AssemblySys‘ data to replace it.

We are not using AssemblySys’ schema, as we’ve rolled our own. I’ve designed our new schema to be hierarchial in nature, treating all locations on the planet as ‘nodes’ with a tree relationship, with “Earth” being the parent of all nodes. This model allows us to account for all countries and their idiosyncratic …

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