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  • alias skedit='open -a skEdit' is highly useful. Now I can do skedit foo.php and it opens it up. What joy with such simple things.
  • Great to see Mono go into Rawhide, meaning FC5 Test 2 will have it. Now I can’t hardly wait. On PPC, if we had Xen working (upstream), life would be the ultimate breeze.
  • I will not be making it to 2006 in New Zealand. Despite all good attempts to get a flight leaving KL, I can’t. Well, affordably (hello coach class). Registrations however are still open. There’s a Red Hat/Fedora meetup, and Joshua Wulf would be a useful person to contact if you’re rocking up for it (email discussion still has dates
  • Is there a reason Fedora disabled updatedb running by default? Now users actually need to specify yes, in /etc/updatedb.conf. Why? Was this for laptop users?
  • FreeBSD ports has this nice advantage that …
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