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Using Ruby to Migrate Databases

If you deal with databases for a living, eventually you’ll come across cases where you’ll need to migrate a lot of data from one schema to another. I am not just talking about migrating from one different type of database to another, like from Oracle to MySQL, but from, for instance, a badly-designed schema to one more expertly crafted.

If there are minor differences between the source and target schema, this is a trivial affair. On the other hand, if the schema is completely different, this can be quite a challenge. Moreover, the database being migrated might represent a high-demand website that will need to be done with little or no downtime, with lots of planning and preparation to boot. You may be interacting with the application developers, the systems crew, and juggling tight deadlines as well.

Well, as you may have guessed, I have described some of the roles I now play at a leading social networking company. We are …

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