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Omni[My]SQL 0.0.5 Released

The OmniMySQL project is now officially known as OmniSQL (for obvious potential legal reasons). I find myself using this tool more and more, so I thought it was about time to add some new features. The new project download site is now Let me know of any bugs and/or enhancements! CHANGELOG: 0.0.5 - [...]

OmniMySQL 0.0.4 Released [BUGFIX]

OmniMySQL 0.0.4 is a minor release fixing two bugs that I should have caught (it now crashes less). The current release can be downloaded here.

OmniMySQL version 0.0.3 released

This release fixes bugs and changes the parser from SQL::Parser to DBIx::MyParsePP. This change was made in order to accommodate MySQL-specific deviations from Standard SQL. Unfortunately, this change also comes with the expense of a slow startup, but I think it is worth the trade-off. OmniMySQL can be downloaded here. CHANGELOG: 0.0.3 - 15 [...]

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