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So I did one of those decadent actions I do every so often. I went to bed last night, started a book, got some sleep, and then finished the book this morning. I received Connie Willis's Bellwether in the mail on Friday (thank you Michelle!), and decided to just read it. This is the first time I knew someone who used my Amazon Wishlist. Normally I just get books from strangers who are thankful for source code I release (mod_layout seems to be the software that people are most thankful for).

I liked the book though it was a bit outside of my normal definition for Science Fiction. There really wasn't much of a science fiction angle to it. The math was all statistical in nature, and the comments on chaos theory weren't all that profound. The main character rattles off facts constantly, and about midway through the book I was waiting for the plot to get going. Willis could have shortened the beginning and spent more time on the main two …

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