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Shooting with Crossbows into Zones

Ok, so this site (and some other stuff) is now running on OpenSolaris. The previous previous article was mostly a test entry for me to see whether the DNS update was through but as some people wonder why I'm using this system that "fails while trying to copy Linux" I decided to discuss some of the reasons in more detail.

Some people already know that my main system meanwhile runs OpenSolaris. The reason there is DTrace - a great way to see what the system, from the kernel, over userspaces programs, into a VM like the JVM or PHP's Zend VM, ... is doing which is a big help while debugging and developing applications. Even though DTrace is meant to do such analysis on live machines this wasn't the main …

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Vista™, Virtual Box, Solaris™ 10, MySQL™ Cluster

..aka how to spend a magnificent Sunday-Monday in SUN’s company :)

If your applications run on Windows™ and you need a MySQL™ Cluster for testing purposes you can use Virtual Box to install SUN Solaris™  10 and set up the Database Cluster creating 4 Solaris™ Zones (4 IP are required for a minimal Cluster setup).

It’s an interesting scenario.

You will need:

You can create the Solaris™ Zones manually or you can create them …

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