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Ten things I am happy about

I am happy all week long” is the ending of a Swedish drinking song, which requires the singers to count the weekdays on their fingers. I may have my moments of darkness, but generally speaking, the lyrics of this drinking song are applicable on me.

And I want this happiness to be contagious!

I’m sitting in an Air France flight that I, despite a snow storm and contrary to all expectations, boarded just in time. I’m on my way to the Rocky Mountains to snowboard with my good friend PG, and I’m browsing through a set of notes I made during my previous long-haul flight, where I listed what I thought I had achieved in 2008. Inspired by the white wine tasting offered by Air France, I let my thoughts on that list combine with the chain letter I recently fell victim of, where one is supposed to …

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I love Sphinx!

Ok, I'm quite Sphyched.

I built the Sphinx Storage Engine, and it appears it'll solve a lot of pain I've had with FT, and gives me integration without having to write a bunch of perl glop to glue results of index searches into subsequent queries.

mysql> SELECT url, content,items_text.title FROM feeds join items using (feed_id) join items_text using (item_id)join items_sph_idx using (item_id) WHERE query='Kowalchik'\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
content: [This is a comment on Blogs I'm enjoying of late from Mike Kowalchik.] Hi Jack, couple of quick things. We have lots of autodiscovery features in our code …

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