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COLLABORATE16 IOUG – Call For Papers

There’s so many ways to proceed
To get the knowledge you need
One of the best
Stands out from the rest
COLLABORATE16 – indeed!

Why not be part of the show
By sharing the stuff that you know
Got something to say
For your colleagues each day
Call for papers –> let’s go

I believe many of you would agree that regardless of how insignificant you believe your corner of the Oracle technology may be, everyone has something to say. I attended my first show in Anaheim CA USA in 1990 and started presenting at shows the year after in Washington DC USA. It’s not hard to get over the hump, moving from I would love to present a paper at a show but I just don’t have the …

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Pythian at Percona Live London 2014

Percona Live London takes place next week from November 3-4 where Pythian is a platinum sponsor—visit us at our booth during the day on Tuesday, or at the reception in the evening. Not only are we attending, but we’re taking part in exciting speaking engagements, so be sure to check out our sessions and hands-on labs. Find those details down below.


MySQL Break/Fix Lab by Miklos Szel, Alkin Tezuysal, and Nikolaos Vyzas
Monday November 3 — 9:00AM-12:00PM
Cromwell 3 & 4

Miklos, Alkin, and Nikolaos will be presenting a hands-on lab by demonstrating an evaluation of operations errors and issues in …

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MariaDB 10.0 Multi-source Replication at Percona Live UK 2014

Percona Live UK is upon us and I have the privilege to present a tutorial on setting up multi-source replication in MariaDB 10.0 on Nov 3, 2014.

If you’re joining me at PLUK14, we will go over setting up two different topologies that incorporates the features in MariaDB. The first is a mirrored topology:

Replication Topologies – Mirrored

This basically makes use of an existing DR environment by setting it up to be able to write to either master. Please be advised, this is normally not recommended due to the complexity of making your application able to resolve conflicts and …

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MySQL User Group Day on FreeNode !

As MySQL Community Managers, Dave an myself are always looking for ways to gather feedback on MySQL. 
We want to make ourselves available to you. The current plan is the last Monday of every month Dave and Myself will be on #freenode and join a chat room called MySQL_user_groups. 
We will also try to be available as much as possible in a chat room called MySQL_Community.
You can join us and ask questions or just let us know your opinions. 
We want to hear about everything from your best presentation topics, to the worst. What is the biggest struggle you find with user groups ? How could Oracle help? 

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Wrap-Up – from an #ODTUG Perspective

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is over!  While I had to leave early Tuesday (the paying job takes precedence over the volunteer job), there are many things to talk about that happened while I was at OpenWorld this year.  I’ll attempt to cover a few of them in this posting.

Saturday Night, the ODTUG Board and YCC staff got together to discuss our plans and obligations for the week.  With Sunday User Forum, MySQL Sunday, and Oracle Develop to attend to during the week, along with many other meetings, this was an important start to the week.  It was nice for everyone to see everyone again, and to recharge and energize for the tasks ahead during the week.  Below is a picture of fellow Board Members Barbara Morris and Monty Latiolais at the dinner at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro.

Saturday Evening Dinner before OpenWorld 2010

Sunday morning, I had a …

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MMUG: Community, Education, and Good Company in Malta

So, we’re coming up on that time again. When I moved back to Malta in order to work for Pythian one of the things that I wanted to do was to involve myself more in the community. Currently, I’m doing this by trying to keep an active blog with tips and tricks, good standard knowledge, and just overall trying to enlighten people. I’m also doing this by organizing a MySQL User Group here in Malta.

We’re set to have our 2nd meeting this coming Thursday, the 28thof August, in Ta’ Xbiex where we have graciously been donated a board room and projector (and parking space, luckily) for use. I’m trying to get one of our members to give a session about security (not only on MySQL, but also on the OS level to secure the process), and I know there is work being done on a presentation on MySQL Cluster, which I personally find …

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MySQL User Group in Malta

That’s right. MySQL now has a user group in Paradise.

I am always looking into connecting with other MySQL professionals, to share the laughs and tears, and to enjoy what we love working with every day, MySQL. I have always wanted to bring us all together, and I thought that this would have a good chance of doing so. Since I live in Malta, this made for the perfect location for it. If you live in Malta, or perhaps in Sicily or Tunisia, and want to take a trip, please do join us at our first meeting.

We will be having our first meeting in Mellieha, and please RSVP to me personally via email, westerlund (at) if you want to attend. The date is set for Thursday, …

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