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Printing Multiple Pages With MySQL Workbench, Community Edition

A few days back I read the Workbench Team’s blog and was curious about the printing capabilities of MySQL Workbench Community edition. As we already know by now, it only allows you to print a single page. I needed to review a customer query which had several tables and some complicated relationships, so I decided to take Workbench Community for a spin (I already knew the Standard edition from my previous job) and tested the following steps:

  1. imported the database after doing a mysqldump -d (Workbench Community can’t connect to the database to get the schema directly).
  2. had Workbench rearrange the diagram.
  3. followed the Workbench Team’s blog instructions to spread it among more pages, since it ended really cramped.
  4. created a PDF file, which was barely readable on paper.

Here’s where the heavy …

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What if you find errors in High Performance MySQL?

The book is done now, right? What’s next?

Don’t tell my wife this, but a book is never done.

Right now I’m proofreading the printed copy. I proofread PDF after PDF during production, but some problems will always slip through and make it to paper. I’m finding quite a few little mistakes. For example, at one point we refer to TPC as TCP three times in a row. Oops.

These problems will be corrected in the next printing. Please notify me if you find any errors yourself, and I’ll add them to the list of things to fix! Also let me know if you find things that should just be “fixed” in general. For example, the layout and page-breaking on pages 364 and 365 is totally confusing — it’s hard to tell which figures are associated with which text.

I’m not offering rewards like Donald Knuth, sorry…

I will place a list of errata on the official …

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