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How to structure and design a relational database to support you data storage needs?

Well, every now and then, when we began to start a new project or app, which has some data storage requirement, we have a deep intriguing thought as to how best represent the data structure so as to support a variety of needs including but not limited to (ACID rules):

1. Normalization
2. Reliability
3. Consistency
4. And many others

Below, I provide a set of steps which you can follow to arrive at a data model that correctly suites your requirements.


1. Identify the project or app requirements / specifications and business rules which tell you what your app will be able to do when it is ready.
2. From these business rules, identify possible objects for each business rule and mark them in a paper using rectangular sections like authors, posts etc.
3. Once you have recognized the …

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HyperLINKS June 25, 2008

GigaOm’s Structure Conference took center stage today and lots of interesting stories are coming down the pipeline. Here are today’s top picks:

While participating on a panel at Structure titled “Working the Cloud: NetGen Infrastructure for New Entrepreneurs ,” Google’s Christophe Bisciglia, was forced by several other panelists to defend the openness of BigTable, Google’s internal database system Alistair Croll of BitCurrent offers 5 reasons why cloud computing isn?t just hype: power and cooling are expensive, demand is global, computing is ubiquitous, applications are built from massive and smart parts, and clouds let us experiment Zack Urlocker …[Read more]
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