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unixODBC UNICODE and Possible New Look & Feel

unixODBC has had support for UNICODE for quite some time but UNICODE was never implemented in the installer and setup layers. Nick has been working to implement this recently and I have been testing it out during MySQL C/ODBC v5 development.

I have been creating a new look & feel for the unixODBC web site which I hope will get used once its complete. This also involves cleaning up, updating, and enhancing some of the documentation.

Oh; almost forgot. Nick and I both had some work to get the Qt3 code to support being built in Qt4… Nick got to the finish line first

ODBC - You Have Come A Long Way Baby!

I often find links to my own stuff when googling for one thing or another - particularly when googling for ODBC stuff. Today I found an old Linux Journal article I did 7 years ago. I recall being upset about the fact that they printed the draft - but it seems to be mostly fine.

It makes me realize how fast time zips by but also how far ODBC on non-Windows platforms has come since those days. We can now deliver a good MySQL Connector/ODBC solution on all platforms where the MySQL client library is available - and that is a dizzying list of platforms!

More notes from UnixODBC + Maxdb

I built a simple ODBC program that attempts to connect to a data source and tells you whether the connection succeeded or not.

It works. Yay. I also moved the example config directory to the example directory, since that's what they are.

Notes from UnixODBC + MaxDB

$ dltest /opt/sdb/programs/lib/ SQLAllocHandle
[dltest] ERROR dlopen: /opt/sdb/programs/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE

$ dltest /opt/sdb/programs/lib/ SQLAllocHandle

I put this example odbcinst.ini file in /etc, and this example odbc.ini file in my home directory as $HOME/.odbc.ini, and then ran the following:

$ isql MailDB dba dba

and voìla! Now to get down to the important bits...

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