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MySQL: Fix Microsoft Word characters. Shows weird characters on the web page.

As a consultant, I do a lot of content migrations for clients. One issue I run into quite often is the encoding of databases, tables, columns differs between source and destination. Most clients do not want me to go and change the way their encoding is to fix issues since they are too afraid about messing with production data. Of course amongst other issues, it creates weird characters for data which is copied/pasted from Microsoft Word. You see weird characters like: ’ … – “ †‘

So if you just want to replace these with appropriate symbols, you may do it with a simple sql query. Note that below queries are without where clause. You may what to test it with one of your rows before making changes to the whole table. Of course, you should always backup your data before you try this out. If you have a dev system, that is even better. I put …

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