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MySQL Obfuscator, What features do you want to see ?

For those who don’t know the Obfuscator is for reporting bugs and support requests where the schema,data and queries are not allowed to be disclosed.

At the moment it requires PHP5+ and MySQL5+, the only requirement at the moment is the mysqli extension. It’s being written so that a simple command line interface will be added later as well as a way of interfacing with it directly in PHP. Because of the pluggable style infrastructure the possibilities are left wide open.


  • Multiple Query Obfuscation Multiple queries in a single obfuscation
    procedure, so that tables are obfuscated consistently over a few related
  • Query Reformating the tokeniser will be able to pretty print queries no
    mater how ugly your query is.
  • Pluggable Schema Obfuscation Obfuscation of schema will be …
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Obfuscator Column Renaming Scheme (draft)

This column obfuscation scheme is designed so that information can be gathered about the query and underlying schema, by just looking at the query. You will be able to tell if it is using keys correctly just by looking at the column names in the query.

Column Name Obfuscation 

  1. Table Prefix Columns of a table will be prefixed with a abbreviation or (from a list of random names that can be selected from a list following a theme or something) of the Obfuscated table name (when I tackle joins this will resolve and conflict in names that are going to occur)
  2. Column Type, undecided on whether or not to just go with simplified names like (str|int|float|bin) or go with the full data type (i.e BININT,BLOB,DECIMAL,VARCHAR,TEXT…).
  3. Keys, P[0-9] numbers are only for multi value PRIMARY KEYS.

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