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JSON Paths and the MySQL JSON Functions

I wrote MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide to help developers find their way around the MySQL JSON data type and the supporting functions. The MySQL Documentation on the subject is very good but I had to puzzle through the examples to see how things worked.  I might be a bit 'thick' but good examples always make things easier.  Others seem to have similar difficulties.

MySQL and JSON a Practical Programming Guide should be on your desk as a handy reference to MySQL's JSON data type.

 There was a recent post on …

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pre-compiled binaries in your PATH

I prefer to install mySQL using the pre-compiled binaries. Depending on the environment, these usually go in either /opt or /usr/local. When you choose this type of install, chances are you are going to need to ensure that you somehow configure your system so that the mysql binaries end up in your PATH. If you are [...]

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