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Maatkit in RHEL and CentOS

Update: Karanbir says “Just one thing to keep in mind is that we dont want too many people using it from the Testing repository - we only need enough feedback to move it from testing to stable ( and to be honest, there are already 8 people who have said yes it works - so move to stable should happen within the next 24 - 48 hrs ). Once the package is in stable, users on CentOS4 and 5 wont need to do anything more than just ‘yum install maatkit’ and it will install for them.”

At least one person (Karanbir Singh) is working to get Maatkit into the CentOS repositories, and I believe there might be movement towards RHEL also. From an email to the Maatkit discussion list a little while ago,

I am in the process of getting maatkit into the CentOS-Extras …

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