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Top 4 Reasons Companies Won't Fix Their Database Issues

When I consult at a company, I aim to identify issues with their database and give options on how to solve them.
However, sometimes implementing those solutions may be a more lengthy process than it needs to be and sometimes they may not be implemented at all. During my career, I have observed some reasons as to why that might happen within organizations.

Obviously, the following observations will never happen at your company. I am just writing about them so that you might notice them in other places.

1. Legacy code 
People don't like to have anything to do with legacy code. It’s painful. It’s difficult. It’s risky to change. It runs business critical functions. Worse of all, they didn’t write it. This can be a problem as often, the most cripling database issues require changes to legacy code.

2. New Technologies or Methods
People don’t like you to introduce any …

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Microsoft pays $115 million of Copyright Infringement

A Texas jury has awarded $133 million in damages to David Colvin, after finding Microsoft and Autodesk guilty of infringing upon Colvin’s two software patents for software antipiracy protection. Colvin’s company, z4 Technologies Inc., filed patents for ‘passwords and codes assigned to individual software copies to prevent unauthorized copies.’ Microsoft was ordered to pay $115 [...]

Mysql 5 is out in November

It’s said that MySQL 5 production version will be out on November.

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MySQL 5.0 RC is out. It’s so exciting for me to say that because waiting 3 years for MySQL 5 and finally we have an RC. Wow. I wonder when the prod version will be out. They better release it soon.

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