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New ClusterControl User Guide for MySQL based Clusters

November 19, 2014 By Severalnines

Following the release of ClusterControl 1.2.8 with a range of cool new features, we have now also published a new ClusterControl User Guide that provides all the steps, tips & tricks to follow in order to successfully deploy, monitor, manage and scale database clusters.  

This user guide predominantly covers ClusterControl with MySQL-based clusters, namely:

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • MariaDB Cluster
  • Galera Cluster for MySQL (Codership)
  • MySQL Cluster
  • MySQL Replication
  • A pool of MySQL single instances


New features in ClusterControl 1.2.8 include: 

  • Deployment and scaling of …
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It Lives!

When I was on the MySQL Documentation team one thing started to become apparent to me: the MySQL Reference Manual was exactly what it claimed to be: a document better suited to referencing than teaching new users. I make very good use of it because I know MySQL, I know what it can do, and all I want is the right syntax for what I am trying to use it for.

I saw a need for a User Guide, something well suited to new users who were not experienced with MySQL and potentially with DBMSes in general. As a side project I started working on a chapter of what could eventually be a MySQL produced user guide, lacking the depth of the reference manual but more suitable for newer users. This first chapter was on Indexing and while I think it showed promise, I left MySQL AB shortly after completing it.

Fast forward to today, where I see a blog post by Colin Charles

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