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archive engine, rss2, mosquito breeding grounds

Having more thoughts on code as of late. I have been doing research into sparse indexes since I believe that is the answer to one issue I have with long term storage of data in the archive engine. AKA you have years worth of data and you only want a month's view at a time. I don't want to use a BTREE, since it would grow to being fairly large, so the answer is to just allow someone to set intervals
and allow a jump point to an approximate row. The push down condition code that was added in 5.0 should make this fairly trivial to do.

On a different note I updated mod_index_rss to support RSS2 and enclosures. What is cool about this is that my automagic tools for grabbing files from rss2 feeds will now work with anyone who is publishing files with mod_index_rss.

So what does mod_index_rss do in the first place? It just takes …

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