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Create a MySQL DB System From Oracle Cloud Shell

In this article, we will see how you can create a MySQL DB System from the Oracle Cloud Shell. You can also create MySQL DB System from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console or from OCI Command Line Interface (CLI).
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cloud Shell is a feature available to all OCI users and accessible from the Console. It is a web browser-based terminal and provides a Linux shell, a pre-authenticated command-line interface (CLI) and preinstalled developer tools like Git, Java, Ansible, and Terraform, for easily managing Oracle Cloud resources. You can run cli commands without any setup. Developers can quickly get started using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDKs, such as the SDK for Python, Java, Go, Ruby, TypeScript and JavaScript without having to download and configure a CLI or Python or other languages on their local machines. To know more about Oracle cloud shell, please look

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