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Seeking Information on Indexed Filesystems

Tonight I am catching up on older e-mails — here’s another question that came to me about 2 weeks ago from a user group member that I never had time to research and answer. I have directed the original author to this post so questions you pose in the comments can be answered.

Do you know anything about indexed file systems? I’m looking for a ‘nearline’ storage solution to help with data archiving.

We have a system which at it’s peak will be accepting 15 million short records / day. In order to keep the Web front end moving nicely, we want to drop data after about 3 weeks and shift it into a higher latency, higher capacity storage system. Indexed file systems seemed like a perfect solution for this. Ideally it would have a good front end to allow execution of arbitrary queries in some language (SQL would be nice).

The only thing I’ve been able to locate is an MS product called “Microsoft Index Server” and …

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