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Deprecating End-of-life runtime engines on Connector/Node.js

Starting with the 8.0.23 release, Connector/Node.js will be deprecating support for End-of-life Node.js engine versions. Support for these versions will eventually be removed on subsequent releases which will focus on compatibility with the available LTS versions at the date of each release.

Why now?

Up until now, the minimum Node.js engine version compatible with Connector/Node.js was version 4.2.0. This is a fairly old release that has reached End-of-life status in 2018 and, of course, hasn’t been maintained since then. This is also the case for the next two major Node.js versions – v6 and v8 – and will soon (April 30, 2021) be the case for Node.js v10. So, as of today, the oldest LTS version available is effectively Node.js v12, and the …

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