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ProxySQL participando en ESLibre 2020

ProxySQL participará en la próxima edición del evento open source “ESLIBRE”, que tendrá lugar los días 18th & 19th de Septiembre. La fecha coincidirá con el “Software Freedom Day”, día que celebra el Free Software en el mundo entero.

El desarrollador senior de ProxySQL, Javier Jaramago Fernández, expondrá “Introducción a ProxySQL”, haciendo hincapié en la importancia de limitar el downtime tanto como sea posible, además de, exponer que otras herramientas ofrece ProxySQL y cómo podemos hacer uso de ellas para mejorar nuestra infraestructura.

La charla se centrará en ProxySQL como proyecto, sus características, y la topología básica de su uso.
Se expondrán ejemplos en tiempo real de cómo usar estas características, como:

  • Cambios de configuración con Zero-downtime – ProxySQL posee tres capas de …
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ProxySQL Speaking at EsLibre 2020

ProxySQL will be taking part in the upcoming EsLibre, open source event on the 18th & 19th of September. The date also coincides with ‘Software Freedom Day’ which celebrates Free Software, all over the world.

ProxySQL’s Senior Developer, Javier Jaramango Fernandez, will be discussing ‘Introduction to ProxySQL’, focusing on the importance of limiting downtime as much as possible, as well as, the tools ProxySQL offers and how you can use them to improve your infrastructure.

The talk will focus on the introduction of ProxySQL as a project, its characteristics, and the basic topology for its use.
Real-time examples and how to use them will also be discussed, such as:

  • Zero-downtime configuration changes – ProxySQL offers three configuration layers: memory, disk and runtime. Each of these layers can be configured dynamically, …
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ProxySQL Public Training, September 2020

Owing to the success and feedback we received from our last training course, we will be running another 2 sessions, both for European, as we well as Pacific Time zones

Delivered by our Professional ProxySQL Trainers who have built and actively maintain ProxySQL.

ProxySQL was built in order to help build, support and improve MySQL infrastructure.

Our public 2x Day Training course will help you learn about how to use ProxySQL’s features effectively and to efficiently deal with real life events and emergency situations in your infrastructure.

The rich course content provides insights to help you build a strong understanding of the tool’s design goals, and most importantly… how to properly implement ProxySQL in order to maximize the resource utilization of your database cluster while avoiding common pitfalls and anti-patterns!

Immerse yourself in the world of ProxySQL with our two-day …

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ProxySQL Public Training, 21st-22nd July

We’re very excited to open up our ProxySQL Total Training online course to the public!

Get yourself, or your team, trained by our Professional ProxySQL Trainers who have built and actively maintain ProxySQL in our upcoming total Training course.

Designed for DBAs, application developers and IT professionals in the industry, the course will focus on real world implementation and hands-on labs that will ensure you acquire the needed skills to deploy efficient, scalable and highly available solutions with ProxySQL!

Immerse yourself in the world of ProxySQL with our two-day ProxySQL Total Training.

ProxySQL Total Training topics include:

  • ProxySQL use cases and real world examples
  • How to install, upgrade and configure ProxySQL with zero-downtime
  • Query routing, query caching and query fire-walling
  • Advanced performance …
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