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Database migration with Spring Boot and Flyway

Database migration or schema evolution is inevitable in any long-lasting project. While NoSQL databases give more leeway, relational databases are pretty rigid regarding schema evolution. Hence, having a suitable tool [...]

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RevoGain Software Architecture

Introduction In this article, I’m going to show you the RevoGain software architecture. RevoGain is a web application that helps Revolut users calculate their stocks and crypto trading gains, and I started building it at the beginning of September 2021. Hype vs. Reality Have you ever been to a software conference and felt disconnected from all those hyped technologies that were presented so beautifully on stage? I certainly had. Whenever I came back from a software conference and looked at my project codebase, I could see a large gap between what’s being... Read More

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Spring Boot performance tuning

Introduction While developing a Spring Boot application is rather easy, tuning the performance of a Spring Boot application is a more challenging task, as, not only it requires you to understand how the Spring framework works behind the scenes, but you have to know what is the best way to use the underlying data access framework, like Hibernate for instance. In a previous article, I showed you how easily to optimize the performance of the Petclinic demo application. However, by default, the Petclinic Spring Boot application uses the in-memory HSQLDB database, which... Read More

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