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Database Replication from MySQL to ClickHouse for High Performance WebScale Analytics

MySQL to ClickHouse Replication 

MySQL works great for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems, MySQL performance degrades with analytical queries on very large database infrastructure, I agree you can optimize MySQL query performance with InnoDB compressions but why then combine OLTP and OLAP (Online Analytics Processing Systems) when you have columnar stores which can deliver high performance analytical queries more efficiently? I have seen several companies building dedicated MySQL servers for Analytics but over the period of time they end spending more money in fine tuning MySQL for Analytics with no significant improvements, There is no point in blaming MySQL for what it is not built for, MySQL / MariaDB is any day a bad choice for columnar analytics / big data solutions.  Columnar database systems are best suited for handling large quantities of data: data stored in columns typically is easier to compress, it is …

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