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MySQL Connector/J 8.0.21 has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/J 8.0.21 is the latest General Availability release of
the MySQL Connector/J 8.0 series.  It is suitable for use with MySQL
Server versions 8.0, 5.7, and 5.6.  It supports the Java Database
Connectivity (JDBC) 4.2 API, and implements the X DevAPI.

In the documentation for MySQL 8.0.21, we have started
changing the term “master” to “source”, the term “slave” to
“replica”, the term “whitelist” to “allowlist”, and the term
“blacklist” to “blocklist”. There are currently no changes to
the product’s syntax, so these terms are still present in the
documentation where the current code requires their use. See
the blog post MySQL Terminology Updates
( …

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MySQL Connector/Python 8.0 – A year in

It’s been a year since MySQL 8.0 became GA and 8.0.16 has just been released. A good time to look at what happened with MySQL Connector/Python over the last few years.

pypi presence

When we created our connector we knew hat providing it via PyPI was important and we used PyPI as distribution channel. Later PEP 470 was published, which changed how packages are hosted and we introduced the C Extension, which required re-working the packaging. It took us a bit time to get all things right, but for a while we are now back on PyPI and you can get it not only from or downloads page, but also with a simple install using the pip tool:

$ pip install mysql-connector-python
Collecting …
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