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So Cuil had lots of visibility because of their "data corruption" , showing "wrong" images to people.

However it seems like they still haven't cleaned up their mess.

Somehow they manage to place Geert Vanderkelen's picture in the search results for me.
Not the other way around however.

Well.. at least it isn't what they used to show :)

So Geert , if someone ever runs up to you and says "Hi Kris" , you know where they got the picture from :)

Oracle, Sun, MySQL: A Grand Conspiracy?

At the risk of making it seem like this is all we’re talking about here at Pythian, here we go again. Paul Vallee pointed me towards this article by John Dvorak that more or less echoes a blog post I wrote in French the day previous for my personal blog that you can read here: Le [...]

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