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Should I Put That Table Alias or Not?

Infrequent SQL developers often get confused about when to put parentheses and/or aliases on derived tables. There has been this recent Reddit discussion about the subject, where user Elmhurstlol was wondering why they needed to provide an alias to the derived table (the subselect with the UNION) in the following query: SELECT AVG(price) AS AVG_PRICE … Continue reading Should I Put That Table Alias or Not? →

MySQL Bad Idea #666

MySQL... We've blogged about MySQL before. Many times. We've shown bad ideas implemented in MySQL here: MySQL Bad Idea #384MySQL Bad Idea #573 But this beats everything. Check out this Stack Overflow question. It reads: "Why Oracle does not support 'group by 1,2,3'?". At first, I thought this user might have been confused because SQL … Continue reading MySQL Bad Idea #666 →

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