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Using LOAD DATA INFILE with Stored Procedure Workaround-MySQL

Okay! So here we will use Load Data syntax to load file into MySQL Server in a Stored procedure. Yep! It’s a workaround. Download MySQL UDF: [root@localhost kedar]# wget [refer:] Extract and Install: [root@localhost kedar]# tar -xzvf lib_mysqludf_sys_0.0.3.tar.gz lib_mysqludf_sys.c lib_mysqludf_sys.html lib_mysqludf_sys.sql Makefile [root@localhost kedar]# sh Compiling the MySQL UDF gcc -Wall -I/usr/include/mysql -I. -shared lib_mysqludf_sys.c -o /usr/lib/ MySQL UDF compiled successfully Please provide your MySQL root password Enter password: MySQL UDF installed successfully Create function sys_exec as follows: CREATE FUNCTION sys_exec RETURNS INT SONAME ‘’; sys_exec – executes an arbitrary command, and returns it’s exit...

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