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Functional testing of Tarantool

Tarantool offers clients a simple binary protocol with basic data manipulation commands - GET, PUT, SET, DELETE. All administrative commands, however, must be sent in textual form to a separate, administative port. A separate port is useful as long as there is no authentication support. Examples of administrative commands are 'SAVE SNAPSHOT' or 'SHOW STAT'.
The whole thing had a few functional tests, but all of them required to be run manually. If you're not the one who wrote it, you probably wouldn't know how to run it.
I was looking for something that would be easy to write and easy to run. It needed to be a lingua franca of testing, used both by developers and quality assurance engineers. It would also be nice to be able to easily express in the new framework test cases for discovered bugs.
Of course, for an ex-SQL geek, SQL looked very much like the lingua …

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