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MySQL Document Store versus Bug hunter

Oh, there is a cool new feature added? And you are going to implement and use it?
Well, the brain of Bug lover is not working in that way, for me new feature is cool in terms of playing. It is a new place where hunt season is opened suddenly

Currently I am in Percona Live 2016 and you can catch me every time -> my name is some sort of pain to pronounce but you can just say Shako instead of Shahriyar.

Yesterday there was an interesting discussion about bug reports and in general what is a “Bug” and how i can identify that if it is a Bug or not?
Here are general rules:

1. Trust in yourself. If somebody says that, hey it is an expected behaviour, just do not believe. Go ahead and fill a report. Insist in your opinion at last it will be converted to DOC issue, pretty valid DOC Bug -> …

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