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Percona Live 2016: Percona Live Game Night!

Wednesday night at Percona Live 2016 was reserved for fun, fun, fun! Once again, the Percona Live Game Night proved to be a popular and amazing event. There were more games this year than last, as well as food, drinks, and lots of friendly competition!

This year, besides the ever-crowd-pleasing Meltdown Challenge, there were Segway Races, pool, foosball, shuffleboard, Wii Boxing, Pac-Man Attack, a shootout gallery, darts, as well as virtual reality stations and a death-defying trampoline.

You can see Percona’s CEO Peter Zaitsev demonstrating how you use it, pro-level:

Below are some more photos of this outstanding night:

Coed boxing: guys, you need to improve your skills!

Some very …

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