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How to combine BATS, PyTest and MySQL X Plugin for tests

In this post I am going to show some tricks on using BATS framework + PyTest + Python X Plugin things, to have combined, simple test solutions.

Let’s describe MySQL X Plugin side, here is the full class:

# Connecting to MySQL and working with a Session
import mysqlx

class MyXPlugin:

    def __init__(self, schema_name, collection_name):
        # Connect to a dedicated MySQL server
        self.session = mysqlx.get_session({
            'host': 'localhost',
            'port': 33060,
            'user': 'bakux',
            'password': 'Baku12345',
            'ssl-mode': mysqlx.SSLMode.DISABLED

        self.schema_name = schema_name
        self.collection_name = collection_name

        # Getting schema object
        self.schema = self.session.get_schema(self.schema_name)
        # Creating collection
        self.schema.create_collection(self.collection_name, reuse=True)
        # Getting collection object …
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MySQL Shell, opening session in a wrong way

This topic is about general usage for MySQL Shell and X-Plugin.
The most important thing, i think we should keep in mind that, the X-Plugin will listen not MySQL’s port, but it’s own 33060 port as shown from log:

2016-07-15T07:21:09.454761Z 200 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'X plugin tcp connection enable at port 33060.'
2016-07-15T07:21:09.454959Z 200 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'Scheduler "work" started.'
2016-07-15T07:21:09.454976Z 200 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'X plugin initialization successes'
2016-07-15T07:21:09.484303Z 201 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'Using existing mysqlxsys@localhost account for authentication. Incomplete grants will be fixed'
2016-07-15T07:21:09.501627Z 0 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'Using OpenSSL for TCP connections'
2016-07-15T07:21:09.501752Z 0 [Note] Plugin mysqlx reported: 'Server starts handling incoming connections'

That’s …

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