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VividCortex Now Available for Windows

We're excited to announce that VividCortex support for Windows is now available! With VividCortex, Windows users can benefit from the first unified suite of performance monitoring tools specifically designed for today's large-scale, polyglot persistence tier. 

We know that Windows support is vital for many large organizations with sweeping, established systems. Now, government, health care, university, and finance organizations who rely on Windows can employ the powerful insight of VividCortex.

With features including 1-second granularity, behavior-based monitoring, chat-integration, and custom dashboards, VividCortex has the ability to monitor hundreds of thousands of instances in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Amazon Aurora. It’s the tool that lets IT teams see their databases with new confidence and reach their highest levels of efficiency and precision.

We're especially excited to serve …

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See the Details with 1-Second Resolution Data

We've talked a lot about the high-resolution data we capture, but if you haven't experienced it yourself, it might be a little abstract. Here, look at the difference between 1-second and 1-minute data.

Are your monitoring systems glossing over important detail with low-frequency data?

All of our metrics are in 1-second granularity. That's 60x more data points per minute than most monitoring tools. It's 120x more data points per second than MongoDB Monitoring Service's premium paid tier. It's 500x more data points per minute than MySQL Enterprise Monitor at its default settings.

It's enough detail to see 1-second server stalls you will never find otherwise. This gives you the ability to proactively find and stop problems that will become much more serious over time.

And this data is not only realtime but …

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Percona and VividCortex Announce Collaboration to Provide Users with Industry-Leading Database Solutions

We're thrilled to announce VividCortex's new partnership with Percona -- the only company that delivers enterprise-class solutions for both MySQL and MongoDB across traditional and cloud-based platforms. As part of the partnership, Percona will resell VividCortex as a value-added monitoring solution, and Percona's own support technicians and managed service administrators will have VividCortex at their fingertips, to assist in serving and optimizing their customers’ applications.  

Including VividCortex as part of Percona's services will provide enterprise users of Percona Server for MySQL and Percona Server for MongoDB with the safest, most streamlined, and precise method for monitoring high performance data systems. Percona customers who opt for VividCortex will enjoy improved visibility and greater insights into their database performance …

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The Power and Ease of Adaptive Fault Detection

Adaptive Fault detection is a prime example of how efficiently VividCortex can help you understand and optimize your system. We define a “fault” as a special kind of system stall: a period during which applications are asking the server to perform a great deal of work, but that work is getting bottlenecked and therefore not completing.

This understanding of faults is based on Queueing Theory (if you need a refresher on QT, be sure to check out our recent and highly accessible ebook, Everything You Need to Know About Queueing Theory); we detect faults by using advanced statistics and machine learning. VividCortex’s Fault Detection is completely adaptive and self-tuning – it doesn’t require any configuration. The program can detect faults as short as one second in duration. Even the most attentive user would likely fail to notice system stalls so …

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