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MySQL 5.6.26 Overview and Highlights

MySQL 5.6.26 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.6, is GA), and is available for download here.

For this release, there are 3 “Functionality Added or Changed” items, 1 “Security Fix”, and 36 other bug fixes.

Out of those other 36 bugs, 13 are InnoDB, 1 Partitioning, 3 Replication, and 19 misc. (including 3 potentially crashing bug fixes, and 1 performance-related fix) Here are the ones of note:

  • Functionality Added/Changed: Replication: When using a multi-threaded slave, each worker thread has its own queue of transactions to process. In previous MySQL versions, STOP SLAVE waited for all workers to process their entire queue. This logic has been changed so that STOP SLAVE first finds the newest transaction that was committed by any worker thread. Then, it waits for all workers to complete …
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