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VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN with mysql_secure_installation in 5.7.7-rc

While testing installation steps with MySQL 5.7.7-rc, surely you will find much more improvements, changes, deprecated functionality and etc.

The interesting one is activating VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN via mysql_secure_installation script. Which we use by mean “securing” MySQL installations.

I will write a separate topic about MySQL 5.7.7-rc installation steps from source, with related BUG reports.

So after first run:

[root@centos7_vm mysql]# bin/mysql_secure_installation --socket=/opt/mysql/datadir/mysqld-new.sock
Securing the MySQL server deployment.
Connecting to MySQL server using password in '/root/.mysql_secret'

If you notice, now script trying to connect to MySQL using a temporary password which is generated for root@localhost and logged into hidden .mysql_secret file.

VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN can be used to test passwords
and improve security. It checks the strength of …
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