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Decoded: A Day in the Life of a Database Administrator

Companies know they need a database administrator, but they probably don’t have any clue about what they actually do. The primary duty for a MySQL server DBA is not waking up in a panic because the phone rang so much it fell off the nightstand during their on-call nights. Outside of that situation, a DBA’s function typically revolves around making sure the data is safe, sound and in one piece when the business needs it. Organizations use different database setups to try to confuse new database administrators, even though they typically involve the same day-to-day tasks.

Monitoring and Optimization

When database administrators get to work, they creep quietly into the building in an attempt to avoid end users chasing them down with not-so-priority problems. After a sufficient amount of caffeine, they fire up their monitoring programs to see whether the …

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Rockstar DBA: An Interview with Manojit Paul

This article is a part of our Rockstar DBA initiative, a platform for thought leaders to share their knowledge and make a positive contribution towards the database management community.

Manojit Paul, with more than 19 years of professional DBA experience in enterprise database solutions, especially Sybase product set and database infrastructure is our first Rockstar DBA.

Let’s hear from Manojit about how he manages MySQL databases, why he loves MONyog, his advice to young DBA’s and more.

How do you manage your MySQL databases?
We presently have 9 MySQL servers in production trading environment, all being managed via a host of automated scripts which I’ve created and manual intervention when issues are reported. We deploy MONyog for managing 5 of these critical MySQL instances. …

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