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Install MySQL from source with debugging option in Linux

Dear all, our today’s topic is about finding out the cause of MySQL crash and in depth examining issue for BUG reporting.
So what is exact mean of this article?
While i reported BUGs for MySQL, developers(experts) every time ask for a core dump (with gdb) and full stack-trace. Yeap they are right, finding an issue is only one step. You must also provide all necessary information to MySQL developers if you really interested in fixing bugs in open source. You have to help to find the core of problem.
For this purpose you must have a DEBUG MySQL edition on your hand to generate core dump and to see full stack-trace. Yes as you think, we will install MySQL from source with DEBUG option and will create core dump.

But first of all let to tell a few theory:
* There are several kinds of logging in MySQL:
1. General Log -> will log all kind of database activity. Surely you will not enable it in …

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